Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Class Warfare...Again?

When will the Left come up with some fresh ideas? They're trottting out their Marxist class warfare schemes...again!

Very recently, there's been a lot of focus in the mainstream media on the class warfare concept, a term used by key Republicans to describe Obama's economic strategy.

"Class warfare" originated as a Marxist term. It was used to describe  what would happen when the poor got sick and tired of being exploited by the rich. "Workers of the world unite!" In popular parlance, it refers to political rhetoric that appeals to envy and resentment.

It goes something like this:

"Joe the Millionaire pays a lower percentage of taxes than his secretary!"

"The rich have to pay their fair share of taxes, too. And they should be willing to pay more, since they're rich enough. A few extra dollars won't hurt them!"

These "arguments" are infantile in their crudeness, in their complete lack of logic and their complete appeal to base human emotions. So what if Joe the Millionaire pays a lower percentage of taxes than his secretary? He makes millions; she makes thousands.  Let's say Joe the Fat Cat Millionaire makes 1 million a year. His secretary Betty makes 30,000 a year. 10% of 1 million is far, far more than 30% of 30,000. (100,000 for Joe the Millionaire and 9,000 for Betty the Secretary).

The rich already pay their "fair" share of taxes-if you consider it fair that the rich pay the lion's share into the national treasury, while most of the poor don't even pay income taxes at all.

The Left is intellectually and morally bankrupt. It's obvious that they think we are all stupid, and that we all can be swayed by appeals to envy. Well, maybe not all, but enough to win the next election.

I tell you what, it's become almost frightening to see the deliberate, steady, purposeful course to self-destruction plotted by the Left. Obama is a malevolent figure, someone who chooses to destroy all that is good in America for the sake of....what? Appeasing the envy of the evil? Paving a path to increased power for himself and his people? Whatever.

Whatever! Who cares anymore about their motives! It's time to fight them, to take the gloves off! Think about it: after all this time, after years of appealing to envy, the Left is still using the same tactics in order to convince us that what we need to do is make the rich pay more-a course of action that will send us straight to destruction and chaos. Fight them! Stand firm and true, because reality is the court of final appeal, and this time, the verdict is in: taking money away from the productive and giving it to the non-productive will destroy society in the long run. We will be reduced to outright gang warfare in order to survive for another day.

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