Friday, August 26, 2011

Discredit the Left Now

So you want to help people-you see the media images of the starving and destitute, read about the mass scale of human suffering in the world-and you want to "make a differance", to do something to help. That is a noble sentiment. It is something conservatives and liberals agree on.

However, liberals and conservatives do not usually agree on the means to these noble ends. As for myself, I favor addressing the root causes of these symptoms with far more resources than we use right now. Most of our time and money is spent on addressing the symptoms. We send money and food to the starving and homeless. We give those things that destitute and sick people need right away. That is good. But the problem doesn't go away, and in many instances, becomes worse.

So what are those root causes I mentioned above? Ah hah! That's the fly in the ointment, isn't it? There are many root causes, but I think only one should be addressed, and many of the others will follow. I have been writing about this here since I started blogging last year. It is simple. We need to discredit and shame all of the major values and principles of the Left. We should work to establish a strong social stigma on anyone who believes the following:

  • The property of one man or woman may be taken, against his or her will if necessary, to benefit another man or woman.
  • The state, the community, the government, the village, et al, is of more importance than the individual.
  • Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. 
  • Power should be pursued at all costs.
  • Corporations are not people. 
  • The world owes them a living.
  • Reason is impotent. (note that in order to make this argument, Leftists have to use reason)

Please remember that the benefit and welfare of mankind is most definitely not the true motive of Leftists, no matter how shrill or strident they are in claiming otherwise. If you look closely at the results of their policies (i.e., the Soviet Union, European socialism, environmental regulations favoring animals over humans, et al), and look closely at their reasoning, you will eventually come to the conclusion that power over others is their motive, that death is at the root of  their ideologies-in other words, you will see that the Left is evil. Evil? Yes. They embrace all that which is detrimental to human life, they embrace ideas that lead to bloodshed and ruin.

Do not dismiss me as a crank, as a wing nut right wing whatever. I am merely summarizing what many respectable, intelligent, successful people have already shown. Start reading. Listen to what the Right is saying. Think for yourself, and evaluate the truth of that you read and hear based on the idea that you are capable of discerning the truth.

Once the ideology of the Left is fully discredited and stigmatized, humanity will enter a Golden Age. The poor and sick will be cared for. Everyone else will be totally free to prosper and succeed on their own individual merits-even the poor and sick will have this opportunity. Everyone. You see, human beings are fundamentally good. Given the chance, most people are saints. It is only the Lenins, the Che Guevaras, the Pol Pots of this world that think that humanity is depraved and deserve only slavery and servitude.

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