Tuesday, March 8, 2016

America is Great, Why Do You Doubt It?

Liberals say that America cannot be a great or even a good country because of our history of Native American genocide, slavery, racism, and oppression of women and other minorities. In so doing, they cherry-pick history in order to support their conclusions about America. All throughout human history every country has done bad things. America is not alone in kicking aboriginals off their land, hating people who are different, and enslaving their fellow human beings. As a matter of fact, all throughout human history, every country has done good things as well as bad things. America has accomplished good things, and has done bad things from time to time, just like the human beings we are. So why, exactly, can't America be great because of some unpleasant history? Because she has done some things wrong? Slavery is over, women are no longer repressed, the Native Indian population is on the rise, and racism is simply no longer tolerated the way it used to be. By what twisted logic do you come to the conclusion that individuals, just like a country, cannot do good, or even be good, if they've done wrong in the past?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On Hurricane Katrina

Lessons learned

Does anyone remember the lawsuits brought against the hurricane protection project back in the seventies? A project that had it been built, New Orleans would've been spared from the deluge that left her in moldy ruins.

The lawsuits halted the project, and since then, no equivalent project has taken its' place. Improvements have been made, especially in the
West Bank. There were lessons learned there in the aftermath of Katrina. Jurisdictions are everywhere raising and shoring up the flood control levees, working on water diversion projects, etc.

Have we learned any thing here? How about this: end the EPA. Don't put our desire to have nature preserved (so our kids can enjoy it, too), over public safety. Do build an effective hurricane protection system, one that will protect New Orleans from a Category 5 storm surge. No ideal is greater than human life.

So the 1,800 or so people who died during the Katrina holocaust could have been spared, had not those leftist loony environmentalists not successfully blocked the project back in the seventies. A stretch, maybe, because there no doubt were other factors in play.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Legalized Marijuana-What's the Problem?

I have absolutely no tolerance for the opinions of people who condemn the use of marijuana-medical or recreational-but have absolutely no problem with alcohol. Alcohol is a dangerous, addictive drug; marijuana may be addictive to some (isn't everything addictive when it's pleasant?), but it certainly isn't as dangerous as alcohol. Not by a long shot. The state of Wyoming is warning Coloradans about bringing their newly legalized pot into their state-an ironic situation, to say the least. What is legal and not criminal in one state could fetch you a hefty fine and jail sentence in another. And meanwhile, people are free to drink all the booze they can afford (and not afford) in Wyoming, killing innocent people when they get behind the wheel of a car, physically abusing spouses and children, losing their jobs and homes from abuse, developing hideous diseases like cirrhosis, and generally being a public nuisance. These are not the type of behaviors associated with pot use or even pot abuse-marijuana smokers mostly tend to be a peaceful lot. I will concede that my evidence for this assertion is mostly anecdotal and from personal experience. I am sure there are incidents out there were someone stoned on pot did something stupid and/or criminal-but I'm willing to bet that these cases are statistical anomalies, and not the norm. Being tolerant of alcohol but intolerant of marijuana is strange, a blatant moral contradiction and a largely emotional issue. Marijuana may not be as safe as mother's milk, but it is no way nearly as dangerous as opponents tend to claim. It produces a mild feeling of well-being-much like having one or two drinks of alcohol, and then stopping. It heightens sensory perceptions, increases creative activity, and has very significant medical benefits for glaucoma, nausea sufferers,  and chemotherapy patients. On the down side, excessive marijuana use makes the user slow and stupid ("stoned"), and can lead to the abuse of other drugs. But yet, this is true of alcohol, as well-in fact, drunk people infamously have a lowered sense of judgment and discernment, are prone to impulsive actions, and take foolish risks. For those afraid that legalizing pot is a slippery slope that will eventually lead to the legalization of the truly dangerous drugs like cocaine and opiates, I get it. But we need not fall down that slope if we are vigilant. Having marijuana legal and readily available is really just a matter of giving people a safe alternative to Demon Rum-and as such, I heartily approve and concur.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Minimum Wage...Again

Click here to read a fairly typical libertarian/conservative argument against the minimum wage.

Indeed, if we're going to pass a law requiring everyone to be paid a certain minimum amount per hour, why not make that amount something really lucrative, like $50.00 an hour? And if businesses are required to pay more than the market will bear, they will pass the cost on to their customers, or go out of business. Why is this insanity constantly being discussed, anyway? I was curious, so I backtracked. I looked up what people were saying about the minimum wage as far back as the 1940's, and it all is pretty much the same things people are saying today.

Politicians vote for these insane laws because it helps them get re-elected.

The solution is to repeal, or drastically amend, the regulation of commerce clause in the US Constitution, and let the market decide who gets paid what. Also, we should limit the terms of all Congressmen to just one term, 2 years long, and then back into the private sector they go.