Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leftist Art/Hatred of the Good for Being the Good

by John Russell Turner

The mocking of Christianity continues at the Smithsonian Institute. Remember the infamous "Piss Christ"? Now we have the "Ant Christ", a picture of Jesus covered in ants, displayed at the Smithsonian at taxpayer expense. Here is a link for a great story on this filth. Megan Fox, the writer of this story, makes an excellent point: although we hear over and over again how Islam is the "religion of peace", it is Christianity that is the true religion of peace. We Christians see something like the Ant Christ, says Fox, and merely get disgusted. But if a Muslim were to see a similar depiction of Mohamed, heads would (literally) roll.

To be frank, I am sick of reading and hearing this type of stuff. I know I'm not supposed to, but I find myself feeling hatred for these Leftist scumbags who think they're so enlightened. Put a crucifix in a jar of urine, and call it art? Smear feces and place pornographic images around a picture of the Virgin Mary? Take photographs of men with bullwhips stuck up their butts? What, is art to a leftist merely an instrument to offend? Whatever happened to the idea that art is something to uplift and inspire people who experience the art?

So I'll just have to get over my hatred, and hope that these sick bastards somehow get well. Christians make mistakes, they misinterpret scriptures, they do all manner of things that all humans do. This is hardly reason to dismiss or even mock what Jesus actually taught, the essence of which is to love yourself and to love others equally. Back when Christianity was young, Christians introduced what was then considered a radical idea: that all human beings have value, that life is sacred and we should treat everyone accordingly. Even those who think they are better than everyone else, who think that mocking and defiling a religion is art. What is it that these people think is uplifting about such trash? Or,as Ayn Rand so eloquently said,  is their motive merely to disgust and offend, possibly even to sneer at the good....for being the good?

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