Friday, November 26, 2010

Just checking in....

I've been very busy lately, so I haven't had the time to post to this blog. Tonight, however, I'm working at the King County Administration building, babysitting 30 or so homeless men who come here for shelter every night. Everyone is asleep right now-except me, which is as it should be. I bring them in, give them a mat and a blanket, and make sure everyone gets along. One of the men who came in tonight is drunk, and was bothering a few of the others, so I had to tell him to behave, or I'd throw him out. He agreed to behave himself, and fell asleep.

 It has warmed up a lot since we had that blast of arctic air three days ago-Seattle was almost completely paralyzed by the snow and ice, although near as I can tell, only about four or five inches accumulated on the ground. But the temperature dropped down to 15 degrees, and all the homeless shelters filled up quickly. It's midnight now,  about 40 degrees outside, so tonight there are fewer people sleeping here. A lot of homeless people avoid the shelters whenever they can, and sleep outside, mainly because they don't like the rules (and they also don't like the thieves and drug addicts who plague the shelters).

Funny,  the City Council just increased the parking fees...but Seattle can't get the streets cleared off whenever a snowstorm hits.

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