Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Voting Fraud and Irregularities Increase

Power! My Precious!
I don't what to call these people, without sounding like a nut, but this morning there were a few stories about voting irregularities with the stink of Democratic Party operatives about them. Please see the links below, and decide for yourself. It certainly looks like there will be more and more fraud as the Democrats desperately try to hold onto their power. Be vigilant, people! If you see anything suspicious at the voting booth, tell someone!

Highly suspicious voting irregularities in Nevada from Michelle Malkin's blog, and another story at Atlas Shrugs about the same thing. Here is yet another story from Philadelphia about possible voting fraud.

Please remember that cockroaches and rats scurry and flee at the sound of a human footstep. These people's actions cannot stand in the light of day, so do not be afraid to expose them. Remember how they accused us of rigging the Bush-Gore election?

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