Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams Fired/Workingman Fired For Wearing George Bush Shirt

Fired For Words
This week, I've not had much time to do any original writing. I am very busy these days, with my full-time job and school, but I do have time to scan the news sites that I follow, and keep abreast of current events. I've noticed the furor over the firing of Juan Williams from his job at NPR (National Public Radio). I've heard what he said that got him fired .I've seen the video clip of the things he said that got him fired, and I've listened to him speak on several occasions in the past. Mr. Williams is a thoughtful, gracious, civil man who is also a liberal. He seldom, if ever, resorts to vituperation, ad hominem attacks, or any of the several various other logical fallacies that liberals usually resort to when debating political (and social) issues. I disagree with his politics, but I admire his professional demeanor and his intellectual courage. You decide whether he deserved to be fired.

Fired For Shirt
NewsMax has the story as the lead item.

It truly seems as if free speech, for the Leftists, applies only if you agree with them. Those of us who've been paying attention to this sort of thing have noticed this for a long time, but finally something has happened that spotlights this...prejudice?...intolerance?...intellectual bigotry? and perhaps now more people will see how intellectually bankrupt the Leftists really are. And while I'm on the subject, read another story about a man who was fired for wearing a George Bush shirt at an Obama rally.

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