Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just In: Christians are Stupid

Despite 2 millenia of having, for the most part, turned the world from barbarism and savagery to reason and faith, Christianity is still looked upon by its critics as shameful and suspect. For example, for two thousand years or more, it is has been generally accepted by the Christian community as a whole that homosexuality is a sin, which means: if you engage in this behavior, you are distancing yourself from God.

You atheists can scoff all you want, but we believers think it's a good idea to keep close to God, and although the Bible may be suspect on certain counts, it's a reputable source of information on the words of God.  Many Christians realize that, since we are all individuals with choices to make, we will make mistakes and errors in judgment, but that in and of itself does not mean we are necessarily evil. In other words, we love the sinner, but not his or her sins, nor do we get to feel "better than" any sinner, for we all are sinners. Therefore, homosexuals are the same to us as heterosexuals, because that is how we believe God sees the big picture. Whatever any Leftist might call that, I can sure as Heck tell you that it ain't intolerance. So when Christians come out and say "we are against gay marriage", we are not saying "we are against gay rights",  or, "we are against gay people"; rather, we are saying: "we are against two people of the same gender getting married." Did I really need to "get more specific"? Anyway, we heterosexuals created the institution of marriage, and I say if we don't want to grant membership in this exclusive club to homosexuals, then that is our right.

My conservative friends should forgive me, I suppose, for writing what could very well be interpreted as a homophobic comment with hostile intent. I do forgive the Leftists and their Gay Rights Politburo, (I pray for this ability, by the way, and act as if it has been granted), but as for offensive comments, take a look at this piece of brummagem I came across this morning:

"They lost the argument on gay people, and now they are losing the argument on marriage," said lawyer Evan Wolfson, president of the advocacy group Freedom to Marry. "Diversions, scare tactics and this playing the victim are all they have left."
 He added: "There's been a shift in the moral understanding of people: that exclusion from marriage and anti-gay prejudice is wrong. Positions that wouldn't have been questioned in the past are now being held up to the light."

The above quote can be read in context by clicking on the link above.

Evan Wolfson is an attorney who works for the gay rights crowd-farther than that, I cannot say. From his words above I gather that because the poll data shows a blip in his favor, he's willing to seize the moral high ground and declare Christianity's take on sodomy oh-so-second century. He read a poll, and now he thinks he's got us-more people think it's OK for gays to marry-therefore Christians are stupid. Or, to put it another way, whatever a majority of people say is moral, is moral.

You know-if the truth be told, and here, it is-I used to associate with all kinds of gay people-in general, they were pretty much fun and friendly people. But when they started getting pushy, and in my face about their sexual preferences, I was at first bewildered, then annoyed, and now just a bit self-righteous and angry. I never once said we should hurt homosexuals. I never once even had a homophobic thought, except maybe when I heard about Harvey Milk day in San Fransisco for the first time (and that was only because I had just read a report on the City Council's attempt to ban McDonald's Happy Meals).

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying two people of the same sex can't love each other and want to formalize and/or solemnize their relationship. I'm just saying as for them legally marrying, it shouldn't happen. As I've said in an earlier article here, this isn't really about marriage, anyway, not the way the gay activists would have you believe. It's about the far left gay agenda: a world that is "de-heteronormalized", whatever that means. A world where one more institution is undermined and eventually made meaningless, for if two people of the same gender can legally marry, the slope here is just slippery enough to give me pause. As it should you. What's next?

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