Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evolve This

by John Russell Turner

It seems that liberals like to think that they are evolving constantly, that they are so beyond certain things (like hydrocarbon fuels, Christianity, grocery bags, and the Constitution).  I wonder sometimes, have they also evolved past the passion for excellence, past the drive to succeed and prosper? Are they even truly alive, like James Taggart from Atlas Shrugged? I say this because the liberals won the last Presidential election, and if their man is any indication of the liberal ideal, their role model for all aspiring liberals to follow, then...apparently liberals have evolved past humanity itself, and are now a new species of, er, uh...

But most liberals are just the pawns, the useful idiots of the Left.  While they may think they are oh so enlightened and evolved, they are actually dupes who have fallen for an unrealistic, Utopian dream that people like Lenin, Marx, and the rest of the gang are all too eager to sell them. Utopian dreams enable thugs to grab power and rule others. Utopian dreams are, well, there is no way to be kind about this: utopian dreams are for fools.

But that is not to say that we all don't have them from time to time. As for myself, I often dream of a world where innocence is not lost, where families stay together, where no one gets hurt. This is a wish, something I do before I kiss the penny and throw it in the fountain.

The fire and passion of youth is sometimes spent on some sort of Noble Crusade. Young people are typically idealistic, and look with contempt on older people, who seem to be merely jaded and cynical. But I ask you, what is this thing about "making a difference"? About changing the world, about "making the world a better place"?  Is this not, in the final analysis, a disguised form of arrogance and narcissism, so often found in the young?

"John", you say, "what's wrong with fighting to end social injustice?"

Well, from your perspective, my son, I suppose nothing is wrong with it at all. Go ahead, fight. Spend your energy on helping others. That is indeed a noble cause.  But the thing is, there is no such thing as social injustice, there is only the fact that all men are not created equal in ability,  the fact that we live in a world of scarce economic resources, and the fact that some men are evil. Besides,  you could do far more good by going out to Skid Row, find a homeless person, buy him a house and a car, find him a job...hell, find him a girlfriend! Do you really want to end homelessness? That's how to do it-give the homeless money! Of course, most of them will be right back on the street as soon as the money runs out. And just how do you propose to end social injustice? Kill all the capitalists? Outlaw prosperity, and drive us all down to poverty so no one will be better than anyone else, as far as economic status is concerned? Just who the fuck would dream such a dream, but some thug who craves control and power over others so he won't have to think (much) nor work?

Well, whatever your Noble Cause is, it probably is an illusion. Better to change yourself, than the world. Better to go out there and help someone directly and immediately.

Leftists know that there are a lot of people who will give them money and support if they promote some sort of Utopian Dream. But the betterment of Mankind is not the motive of the Leftists. They are ruthless, cruel, evil people who are the true cynics amongst us, for they believe that Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and Power should be pursued for the sake of Power.

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