Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Root of Left-Wing Ideology

"I do not have a monopoly on the truth, the truth has a monopoly on the truth."
by John Russell Turner

LEFT-WING: A BRANCH OF POLITICAL THOUGHT THAT HOLDS THE BELIEF IN THE ULTIMATE SUPREMACY OF THE STATE.  The power of the state should be used to help the poor. And this is how it is currently done: take(tax) the property of others in order to have money to give to those whom the state deems poor.

Thus we see clearly that violence is at the root of all Left wing social policies, for what recourse does the State have if an individual would prefer to keep his money, rather than have it given to someone else? The money must be taken by force, and most certainly will be. The ends (helping the poor) can not and must never justify the means (theft, euphemistically called taxation), for if that is so, then anything goes if the ends are sufficiently compelling.

SO IT IS A STRANGE FACT of Leftist politics that property rights are irrelevant, and that theft is appropriate  if your cause is good enough. There are all kinds of intellectual justifications and rationalizations out there used to help the Leftist look at himself in the mirror, but the essence of their Utopian schemes is theft, is violation of a human being's natural right to his property, and hence, to his very life. Indeed, most Leftists believe that the State owns the individual.

THIS IS WHY I HAVE SAID THAT THE DEBATE should be over, that we should stop helping evil to assume a mask of respectability, and treat Leftists as they most certainly deserve to be treated: as evil thieves. What is there to debate? Why is it wrong for me to steal, but right for a bureaucrat to steal?  The dirty little secret is that private charity and churches have been helping the poor for a long time, with great success. It is not the poor that the Leftist is really concerned with, for if it were, then the Leftist would embrace capitalism. No, Leftists mask their true desires with an altruistic cloak. It is the taking by force that they secretly enjoy (openly, in some countries. See N. Korea). It is the narcissistic thrill of power over others.

YES, WE HUMANS ARE EVOLVING. We used to burn witches at the stake. Women are politically equal to men. Racism is a joke now. But there remains perhaps a few more things to evolve past, and one of them is the lust for power.

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