Thursday, January 6, 2011

Revolution: The Great Depression II

by John Russell Turner

"Most disasters are politically understandable."
 -Dr. Thomas Sowell
The root cause of the present economic depression?
Left wing ideology put into practice.

The cure for the present economic depression?
Free market capitalism.

The chances that this will happen, i.e., that Congress will start the lengthy process of cutting back on the size and continued growth of government-and removing most of the regulations on the free market-are anyone's guess. The emergence of the Tea Party Movement is encouraging, for they support  a free market, limited government agenda.

But the opposition is fierce, well funded, and well organized.
These people-the opposition, the Left- are exactly who is standing in the way between America and recovery, nay, not merely recovery, but economic expansion and prosperity for a greater number of people.

"No, no! Don't make this into an us versus them thing!" some of you might cry out, but unfortunately, that's exactly what this is. This is us against them, big time. It is freedom versus tyranny, failure versus success, depression versus prosperity, and, yes, good versus evil.

There is a rational, sane, quick fix to the current economic downturn. Repeal not only ObamaCare but everything else the bastard and his ilk have done. Increase the size of the tax cuts, immediately. Then begin the process of educating the general public as to what happens, in the long run, when the government gives out free lunches. The Right in this country should consider mass-informing the general public on the key issues. A way must be found to fight the filthy lies and agitprop the Left has told about the Right. A way must be found to educate the people on the truth, a way to make it strike home that government is indeed the problem, the historical source of nearly all of mankind's woes.

The single most powerful enemy of the Right and the free market agenda is leftist Academia, those liberal, left leaning, often radical left professors who are supposed to teach, but more often than not, indoctrinate.  The work of David Horowitz, and others, have clearly shown that this is the place where the battle must be the fiercest, where evil must be confronted fearlessly and directly. Most students are afraid to speak their mind when they hear left-wing lunacies, when they realize that an attempt is being made to indoctrinate them. Their grades will suffer. They will be ridiculed by the leftist goon squad. These professors must be discredited and hounded out of their universities and colleges. There can be no freedom of thought when you are dealing with an ideology of hatred and evil. Love of mankind is not their true motive, as the examples of their policies put into action clearly show. This is not an opinion, not my own  psychological problem with liberals and leftists. It is true: leftism, collectivism, liberalism, socialism, communism, progressivism, and all of the doctrines which rest squarely on the premise that individuals are to be sacrificed for the sake of the state or of society-and all of what follows from such a premise-is evil, and must be destroyed.

We know how the present depression started. It began in 1977 with the Community Reinvestment Act, was exacerbated by Clinton era policies, and exploded in 2007-2008. Yet the real root of this depression is one single idea: that it is proper for  government to take the property of one man and give it to another for any reason whatsoever. Look, it's really not all that hard to understand. Thomas Sowell was right on. If I give you a house, you're going to vote for me if I run for political office. Let the future consequences be damned! Live for today!

I hope this article has stimulated you to think more about these issues. I hope you see that America is indeed ripe for a revolution, for a total make-over.  Not to something new, but to the way it was before the Left began the systematic destruction of the things which enabled the individual to succeed and prosper, to thrive and to reach his or her fullest potential. Run for your life from the individual who speaks of American arrogance, about America's need to get humble, who tells you that there is nothing special about the Great American Experiment. We must fight the Leftists, and totally defeat them. That's one way out of this second Great Depression, and a way to prevent any more depressions from happening in the future.

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