Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honesty and the Left

The truth does not care whether or not I like it

I AM ASSUMING THAT THE PALIN HATERS feel the way they do because she is an uber-conservative, and apparently proud of it. I've thought about it a lot. Why do Leftists hate conservatives? Is it because conservatives believe in God? No, most Leftists merely feel smug disdain for anyone who believes in a higher power. Is it because conservatives believe in individual rights and freedom? Or is it because we all have embraced what they struggle so vainly to deny, and so embarrass them in comparison?

What have conservatives embraced, and Leftists denied? Reality.

THE ESSENCE, THE CORE OF ALL CONSERVATIVE IDEOLOGY is an unflinching, uncompromising embrace of reality. Conservatives do not claim to have some special grasp of what is real and unreal; they are merely honest about it. That is all. That is the root of conservatism. Is this why the Leftists hate us? Because we are real, and our real-ness illuminates their pretense at everything, from self-esteem to civility?

Leftists seem to say "I wish it, therefore it is so" when they try to defend their doctrines and policies.

Honesty: leftist policies put into practice are disastrous. The experiments in socialism, for example. Can you say...(gasp!) National Socialism? Soviet Russia? Mao-ist China? Pol Pot? Despite the repeated failure of that darling of Leftist thought, Leftists continue to embrace it, explaining away the millions of people who were murdered by their government.

Honesty: we conservatives are not infallible, we do make mistakes, but what do the Leftists offer us as an alternative to capitalism? A system of government that must exile, or outright murder dissidents. A system of government that requires us to be sheep, all equal and undifferentiated, while they act as the benevolent shepherds (but the slaughterhouse is where they are leading the sheep).

I was in Seattle when the WTO riots took place there. I saw the bastards with my own eyes. They quite obviously enjoyed breaking windows at Starbucks more than they cared about their alleged agenda. Radical leftists cannot be honest, for if they were, they would have to kill themselves, because death-for themselves and for others-is at the root of their beliefs.

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