Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Better Than Me

by John Russell Turner

The most important thing I should do is  remember to never, ever indulge my natural inclination to feel superior than others. For some reason, this doesn't do well with people. They are not "sheeple", "the masses", members of the "hoi-poloi", the "mob", et al.

Imagine that, most people are alright!

Note to the Elitists out there:
I know, I know, you get that warm special glow whenever you think about how so much better you are than all those low-lives lurking in the trailer parks and bowling alleys. I also know that if it weren't for those people, you'd have nothing at all to base your self-esteem on. That's why I suggest that you be nicer to them. Stop calling them sheeple. Or whatever, because one day they might refuse to give you your sense of self worth, and then what will you do?

Here I am writing this, and already I'm feeling a little, well...a little better than you, dear Elitist, whom I know so well. But even I, the world's coolest cucumber, the most amazingly serene guy you will ever meet, can succumb to spritual laziness. Try not to look down anyone, to look up at yourself...and accept that truth that you cannot simply will real self esteem; you have to do things to earn it.

Some people react with contempt for the individual who speaks the truth about an irrational belief or stance on a specific subject. For example, those who point out that there is no conclusive scientific evidence that humans are responsible for global warming, are "in denial". "Global warming deniers" are akin to the holocaust deniers, they say with caustic contempt. This reaction to the truth is understandable when you consider that most of the people who would react this way are elitists. The very nature of all elitists is spiritual laziness: in this case, their belief system regarding global warming helps them feel better about themselves. But it is false, and unreliable. Therefore, those who shine light on all of this are truly hated: they show the elitists just how depraved they, the elitists are. Ayn Rand once said that it is one thing to destroy or injure a man's self-esteem. But it is far worse to injure a man's pretense at self-esteem. To fake such things has a tinge of utter depravity, and frightens me a bit to contemplate; others have written on this subject, and so I will leave it to them to draw conclusions. I see through these people who are so much "better" than me and you, and I feel pity and a total lack of compassion for them-they are only lazy, and because they choose to pervert themselves rather than make the effort to build up themselves, I find it very hard to love them.

"I'm better than you, and therefore OK, because I believe that we must do something to save the planet."

"I'm OK because I am trying to rescue third world workers from the sweatshops."

"I'm morally superior because I donate my time and money to help the poor."

Etc., etc.The most important thing you should remember is to never, ever indulge your natural inclination to feel superior than others.

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