Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quantative Easing, A Junket to India, Big Brother Bans Food, and Indian Summer

THIS MORNING HERE IN SEATTLE is beautiful and unseasonably warm. For the past three days, we've been enjoying a most welcome "Indian Summer" (yesterday I saw a few ladies wearing shorts outside). I got to campus right at dawn as I usually do, and I spent about twenty minutes admiring the expanse of cobalt blue sky above a faint ribbon of reddish pink...and thinking about the times we have found ourselves in.

So, in the news today.....
You really, truly, have got to be effin' kidding me...the San Fransisco city council has just banned Happy Meals! Supporters of this ban will no doubt say they are just concerned about the health of "the children", and great, that's a pretty cool intention, but by what  right does the San Fransisco city council have to tell American citizens that they cannot buy or eat certain foods? Furthermore, how did we get to the point in this country where politicians believe that they can dictate food choices to people?

Then we have President Obama's trip to India, which will cost a few billions dollars, as a fleet of US warships will accompany him. That's really great, since city governments all over America are slashing their budgets, eliminating critical services to the mentally ill, the poor, and even in some cases cutting police funding in order to make ends meet. Millions of Americans are out of work, suffering through very hard economic times, and the Socialist in Chief ("Let them eat cake!") will spend billions of the story here.

Item: The US Government plans on implementing "quantitative easing" to help the economy.Whenever you read or hear terms like "quantitative easing", you can be sure that this is some kind of euphemism for something really bad, and that it was coined by some government bureaucrat. In this case, "quantitative easing" means printing more money (not backed by gold or any other object of value), which means inflation, which means the value of the dollar will go down. Which further means that our money will buy less, and less...are you getting the idea? This is a de facto tax on all of us, nothing more than a recycling of the same proven failures that have been tried before.

Kind of makes me want to scream, realizing as I do that these Leftist scum keep clinging to the same ideas, ideas that have been proven over and over again not to work (at least, not for most of us).

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