Friday, October 1, 2010

Power is the Opiate of the Left

I have been told a few times that I should be tolerant of opposing points of view. Such tolerance is hardly appropriate when the opposing point of view is designed to enslave, plunder, or kill you. There should be no tolerance of leftism in any form, for it is a murderous, evil doctrine that at best reduces all of humanity (except the ruling class) to mediocrity, and at worst sends most of us to the gulag, to the crematorium, or to death in some other form. I'm just sayin'.

I've noticed that there are mostly just two types of leftists: the fools (AKA the "useful idiots", see V.I. Lenin, et al), and those who profit off the fools. There are others who lean toward the left, but are more moderate. Much has been said about how the Leftist allegedly begins his career: he sees poverty and human misery, and wants to help. He can't really afford to help on his own, because he dreams of ending all human suffering. The thought of finding just one man and helping him directly apparently never occurs to him. Instead, he gets the idea that the government, with it's enormous treasury, can do the job. Essentially, he is thinking that since he himself cannot end the suffering that he sees, then other people (i.e., taxpayers) must help him. That is why he advocates the various forms of collectivism (fascism, socialism, communism).

Well, any intelligent individual will quickly realize that ending all poverty and want is impossible for any one man to accomplish. But why take the weight of the world on your shoulders anyway? Why not just go out on the street, find someone in dire need, and help that person directly, with your own money, and with your own compassion? Why force others to do so?

Answer: because compassion for the suffering of others and the desire to alleviate it is not the true motivation of leftists. As Ayn Rand so eloquently put it, they do not love life, but rather hate life and all that life implies! But since they are living organisms, they are conflicted: their cells and genes want to live, as does that part of their uncorrupted minds. So, they are twisted: they neither want to live, nor do they want to die. What they tell themselves is that they want  power (over others). Power over others is an illusion of efficacy, and a smoke screen. Such an illusion and smoke screen serves to hide from themselves the true nature of their innermost desires and thoughts. If compassion for the suffering of others were their true motivation, they would openly embrace capitalism! These people value ideals more than human lives. "Sacrifices must be made" they say, as they send millions to the ovens, as they tax away the lifeblood of humanity "for the common good".

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