Friday, July 14, 2017

How to Save New Orleans

A Call for Action

I'm aware of the mystique that surrounds New Orleans. Born there in 1962, lived there thirty years.

And I'm also aware that this mystique is mostly of my own making. In my mind, New Orleans is intrigue, adventure, culture, history, romance, and she's stunningly beautiful, as well. What's more, there's the joie de vivre and laissez les bon temps roulez, y'all!, a spirit of good times eating red beans and rice (and what not). But here's the thing: we all make up this mystique about New Orleans, I am by no means unique here. Many visitors to this town wind up moving to the city on the broad banks of the wide, muddy Mississippi. They see the mystique, the absolute joy it is to "have a drink, and walk around", the ubiquitous street performers, the excellent food, the European feel of the buildings, landscapes and history, the street names (Tchoupitoulas, Nashville, Esplanade, Elysian Fields, St. Claude, to name only a few), the friendly locals, the neighborhoods, the traditions and frequent holidays.

In short, New Orleans is a very special place, a place to enjoy life, raise children, and live life to the fullest. Our zoo and aquarium are run by the Audubon Institute. The surrounding countryside makes for excellent outdoor activies, especially hunting and fishing. City Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world, is a jewel. "Wux, daddy, wux!", the smell of hot dogs and popcorn, the Delgado Art Museum, landscaping so beautiful in a lush, sub-tropical garden. Love City Park, especially at Christmastime...

For all the above reasons, what is happening in New Orleans is tragic, sad, and infuriating. Widespread poverty, and an alarmingly high crime rate. These things lessen New Orleans in many ways. People stop coming to visit; locals leave. 

We need to do something, now, this very day. I have a suggestion.

New Orleans hasn't had a Republican mayor in well over a hundred years. For multiple generations, New Orleans has been run by Democrats. I ask you to review city history, and to ask yourself if they've done a good job. I ask you to vote for candidates who respect the culture and traditions of New Orleanians, promote success and prosperity for all, by removing the bureaucratic obstacles to market entry. This candidate will not be corrupted, and thinks New Orleans is great. To a large, significant effect, specific liberal policies have caused the problems, or exacerbated them.

If you can run for Mayor, city council, police jury, etc, you should, and run a good campaign. New Orleans needs a huge dose of conservatism/libertarianism in her politics.

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