Friday, October 21, 2016

The Elitism of Certainty

Someone once told me that my views on leftism versus rightism made him think I believed that leftism is inferior to rightism. I do. I am absolutely certain that this is the case. Moral relativists do not believe anyone is either right or wrong when it comes to matters of morality, so when they encounter moral certainty like this, they assume it's either psychopathological, arrogant, or else, silly. This was the case with my critic, because after he made the observation about my moral certainty, he proceeded to inform me how exclusive and elitist he thought I was because of it.

When anyone claims to be certain about something, that does not necessarily make them an elitist, and I don't suppose this is what prompted my friend to lay his claim of elitism on me. But yet, when I say "leftism is evil", I am certain that this is true. Therefore, rightism is superior to it. Certainty is the result of a careful, deliberate, logical, rational thought process. I am right about this, not because I say so, but because I can prove it with logic and reason.

So, let me define my terms:

"rightism": one of many words used to describe a system of thought based on reason, rational, non-emotional thinking, and a complete embrace of objective reality.

"leftism": one of many words used to describe a system of thought based on emotions, fuzzy logic, and narcissistic self-interest.

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