Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Madre Hill Rule: Hatred of the Good for Being the Good

I just read a fascinating article by writer Melanie Hunter about the Madre Hill rule. Before I comment on it, let me tell you a personal anecdote, an experience I had with a similar thing as the Madre Hill rule:

It happened at an AA meeting a few years ago. The group leader asked me to read a passage from their basic textbook-the famous blue-covered "Big Book" that is really titled Alcoholics Anonymous. Since I had read this passage several times before, I was able to recite the words by memory, glancing only occasionally at the cue card. I also spoke with clear, precise diction, trying to be eloquent and interesting (I believed it was my duty to reach at least one alcoholic per meeting).

After the meeting was over, one of the AA gurus came up to me with a look of wet malice on her face. I was quite taken aback-at first I thought she was going to attack me, the look of naked evil on her face was that obvious. But instead, she took both my hands, and in a patronizingly sweet tone of voice,  informed me that I shouldn't read the text so well, and from memory, to boot. It might make those in the meeting with difficulties reading and speaking in front of others feel resentful and envious, or worse. I recoiled from her touch in astonished revulsion, and asked her why I should hide what I was good at doing just to spare someone's feelings. Her response seemed to say that the answer was obvious, and because I asked, there must be something wrong with me.

This incident came to mind when I read about the "Madre Hill" rule in a news article by Melanie Hunter at CNS News. The Madre Hill rule was created by high school football officials in Malvern, Arkansas in response to the extraordinary abilities of football player Madre Hill. He had been routinely scoring several touchdowns per game, so the officials made a rule allowing him only two per game. Ms. Hunter does a fine job at writing about this evil rule. All I want to add to what she wrote was that this, this absurd, grotesque worship of mediocrity, is precisely why I hate the Left and it's narcissistic, self-serving saviors of mankind so much. The Madre Hill rule is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with the Left, and with their liberal useful idiots. Ayn Rand wrote extensively about this subject-hatred of the good for being the good. And the Madre Hill rule is not an isolated incident ocurring only in Malvern, Arkansas. I have read several news stories of the new trend in children's sports of not keeping score, so the losing team won't feel bad. The lunacy of this is appaling. It is hard to believe that people could be so evil, so stupid and mean. But it is true. Again, this is the reason why this conservative writer/blogger actively and passionately hates the Left and all it really stands for: power over others, destruction, anarchy, self-indulgence no matter the cost, and the wiping out of all that is good.

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