Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chicago School Bans Home Lunches

 by John Russell Turner

A Chicago public school, "Little Village Academy", has forbidden students to bring sack lunches from home to school.

This one incident should be enough to warrant the immediate shut down of that school. The student's parents would be given vouchers, to be used at a private school of their choice.

A total shutdown of the school? Yes, along with the equally immediate firing of the principal who had the temerity to make and enforce this rule. No public official-and that is exactly what the principal of Little Village Academy is-should be anywhere near the position of dictating what anyone eats. Parents have every right in the world to feed their children whatever they choose to feed them, even if it is pizza and Big Macs every day. Who would claim otherwise? Only someone who thinks she is better than you are at parenting. Anyway, all that aside, this is beyond outrageous-a public employee believing she has the right to take a fundamental freedom away from American citizens.

Raising children is the sole responsibility of the parents. Others should step in only when both of the parents are missing. I do not want my taxes spent on funding Leftist scum who most certainly believe they are entitled to take away my freedoms.

And guess what? The food supplier to this school gets paid by the taxpayer to provide these mandatory meals. There's an odor of union here, but so far, just an odor. Nothing has been proven.

God, please save us from these Leftists who believe that the government can change the world! From anyone who thinks his narcissistic fantasies of his goodness and light entitles him to our money, and to curtail our freedoms.

It is obvious what needs to be done: destroy the power of the teacher's union, dismantle the public school system, and instead of using taxpayer money to fund these schools, use the money in the form of vouchers so some parents can send their children to private schools. Eventually, we would do away with the vouchers, too-for is it not obvious that in a booming, healthy economy, more and more people can afford things? More and more people can afford to be generous and helpful to the needy. And a booming, healthy economy will come as soon as we get government spending under control, encourage small businesses, reduce taxes, and generally promote a free market in education (as well as everything else).

I'm telling you, this must be done! These people are actively indoctrinating our children, trumping parental rights, draining the public treasury, and blocking the voucher program (which would give the poor a better education). We must eliminate the public schools as soon as possible!

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