Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Victim of PC: Alexandra Wallace and UCLA

Being on the left is a no-brainer. You don’t have to do anything to be on the left. You just have to keep your mouth shut and go along with the crowd.  (Jon Voight)

This morning, I read a piece by Bernard Chapin in Pajamas Media about Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA student who was literally ran off campus (for fear of her life). Her offense? She posted a rant on her YouTube channel about how annoying some Asians are to her. Here is the video Wallace made and posted on YouTube.

The video was shallow and a bit silly, yes, but after reading about what happened to Wallace, I asked myself a question: why do the same people who are so virulent against racism have no problem at all with making death threats against Alexandra Wallace and her family?

In other words, is racism worse than murder and terrorizing someone? No. Racism is merely a twisted way of faking one's sense of self-esteem. It is an attitude, a state of mind that takes the easiest route towards feeling good: self-identification based on skin color and/or ethnicity, and comparison with others of different skin color and ethnicity. As opposed to self-esteem based on individual accomplishment, this is quite easy. All one has to do is have a certain background or skin tone. Racism is ugly, and its' adherents are lazy scoundrels, but it most certainly does not merit death threats, and ostracization.

Again, here we have that tired old ethic of the ends justifying the means. Witness the spectacle of people taking the moral high ground against Wallace's stupidity, resorting to psychological terror to punish her. If she had come out and said "all Asians are annoying because they're Asians", or even "all Asians are inferior to the Master Race", she would be guilty of nothing more than stupidity, something all of us are prone to from time to time. Such a person is better ignored, perhaps pitied, and certainly should be kindly spoken to about her comments, in an effort to help her. But no. Miss Wallace deserves terror and death, according to the campus PC thugs at UCLA.  

No matter, those thugs would say, racism is bad and must be stamped out wherever it rears its' head, by whatever means necessary.

This incident is noteworthy not for what happened to Alexandra Wallace per se, but for how it illustrates the way political correctness works to intimidate people who have an unorthodox opinion, rational or not. It also illustrates the hypocrisy of it, and shines a light on the true motives of its' adherents. The reason why these brainwashed idiots have no problem with ruining the life of a young woman (for being nothing more than puerile), is because their ideology is more important to them than anything else, including decency, civility, (where is the tolerance, by the way?), and even human life. Asians who are rational and possess a healthy sense of self worth have no problem with the likes of Ms. Wallace, or anyone who would suggest they are somehow negative because of their origins.

I noticed the comments on Wallace's video were mostly just as bad, and in some cases, worse than hers. It seemed as if the drones fell over themselves rushing to condemn her. Racial and sexual slurs were used in abundance.

In a truly tolerant, open-minded, civil atmosphere on campus, Miss Wallace would have been largely ignored, or dismissed as a puerile young lady with a case of arrested adolescence. Instead, she and her family were threatened with pain and death. And this, I say, is Leftism showing its' cruel and evil face in the disguise of "political correctness". In his Pajamas Media article, Mr. Chapman puts it succinctly:
PC has many definitions but the one I will posit here is: the deliberate attempt, via appeals to conformity and the creation of social mores, to realize a leftist political agenda.
The trouble is, "a leftist political agenda", ultimately, is the creation of an oligarchical socialism, with 99% of the human race enslaved to the leftist elite. The world Orwell projected in 1984 is precisely the world they are striving to build, and all those goons condemning Miss Wallace are paving the way.


Poole1Dan said...

This is an excellent post, Mr. Turner. I don't necessarily agree with everything Alexandra said in that video, but my gosh, the reaction her and her family has gotten is pure evil. Political correctness is what allowed 9/11 to happen ("WE CAN'T VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF TERRORISTS BY LETTING INTELLIGENCE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT SHARE INFORMATION!!"-Jamie Gorelick and Lee Hamilton), among many other evils. And now, PC may have ruined the future prospects of a beautiful and intelligent young woman with a great sense of humor (I laughed hysterically at the ching-chong-ling-long-ting-tong part!)

Political correctness, not to mention the entire so-called "progressive" movement, must be defeated! Nay, it must be CRUSHED!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a dead-on analysis of the sorry situation at UCLA. Yes, I noticed all the ugly comments on Alexandra's video there at YouTube, far worse than the video she made. What a bunch of mindless zombies-"drones", as you called them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Turner,
I totally disagrees with u, ms. wallace started a fire, she needs to put it out. racist is a problem of bigger problem to come. BUT if u are white person in USA or hegemonic white, u will LIKELY NEVER UNDERSTAND how it feel to be in other minority shoes, until u have an ethnographic into the small community about their cultures. As of today (May 12, 2011) I have yet to find anything about a threat to ms. wallace, on the internet, youtube, forum decussions, etc.. all just funny jokes in replies, nothing serious, nothing more. telling me is a self-esteem is a cheap explanation, don't twist something bad to good, what a role model that is. typical Conservative views which Does NOT make any sense in any ISSUES! It is SAD! In fact that is the problem with Conservatives/Republicans/GOP close-minded already firm decision without exploring and listen to others, explore outside your box.
Take My words worth millions more friends to you.

John Russell Turner said...

How could it "feel" to be a minority? I already know, I am a minority of one! So I'm not sure what your argument is, possibly something to do with being sensitive to other people's issues. A perhaps worthy concern, but as far as an issue with race-a healthy dose of self-worth and just a little bit of intelligence should help. I mean, think about the source of racial slurs and prejudices. People who indulge in such things aren't very bright, are they? And for the few racists who are intelligent enough to tie their shoes, what we have is simple, quite ordinary evil. So why be bothered with name calling from such people? Or from anyone, for that matter?

Stop being a victim and live life to the fullest! And leave Alexandra Wallace alone!