Monday, March 7, 2011

Obama Seizes Power

Impeach Him!

Many people have known for years that, with the power of the US President to issue executive orders, America is essentially a de facto dictatorship. We have gone further down that road, as an ominously significant event has shown. President Obama has essentially declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional-an action reserved for the courts. Here is a link to an excellant story about this issue.

In response, recently there have been calls by reputable people for impeaching the President. Obama's  power grab must be stopped dead in its tracks, right now-for the precedent it sets has chilling ramifications on our freedoms and liberties. Soon enough, America will become a de jure dictatorship, but gradually, slowly and incrementally. An attempted impeachment will educate Americans about the consequences of allowing the Executive branch this kind of power, and perhaps put an end to the Obama presidency before 2012.

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