Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Re Cap

by John Russell Turner

The incidents in Wisconsin are revealing. What we are seeing there is naked Leftism on full display. Amongst the disgusting:
  • In clear violation of medical and professional ethics-as well as the law-doctors are giving the protesting teachers sick notes. (I wonder how many kids who are watching will get the idea that they can do the same?)
  • Protesters are being bussed in from out of state. The pickets they carry all distort and misrepresent what the issue is here, and are designed for shock value.
  • What is really happening  is that public sector unions-and the people who run them-are about to lose their power and influence. This has a ripple effect all the way to the Democrat Party.
  • Wisconsin school children had to do without their education for a few days. Quite obviously, they do not matter at all to the selfish filth polluting the grounds of the state capitol in Madison. But the children are not the real pawns in the struggle here-the protesters are. They are the useful idiots, the ones who help create a climate which helps the Union thugs hold onto their power.
  • Grown adults-who are supposed to be role models for children-are acting like selfish, spoiled children. Many of them, I suspect, do not really believe the guff they are being told by the Union thugs. Instead, they use it to hide from themselves their true motives. 
Look at it, if you can stomach it. The Left, as a potent political force, is dying. But they are fighting hard to survive, to desperately cling to their precious power. They smirk when admitting they've broken the law, they smirk when they do things which clearly show their depravity. That's all they can really do: they can smirk in your face, and they can destroy. They can smear and besmirch. To them, Scott Walker is Hitler. What most of us know to be virtue, they know, too-but hate it because it is virtue, and because it slaps them in the face.

Remember that we humans used to tie people to a wood pile and set them on fire for being "witches". We used to treat women as property. We enslaved others so as to profit. But we have evolved past that now. Perhaps one day, one fine day, we will evolve past malignant narcissism and power lust.

And I'm not kidding. I, and others, can clearly see how we can make a difference, how we can create a country where the greatest number of people can be happy and prosperous. The answer is as plain as it could be: a country at, or very near, pure capitalism.  But it is the Left who is standing in the way, who is keeping America and the rest of the world down. It is the Left who must go the way of slavery, burning at the stake, and polio: they must be forever discredited and shown who they really are so that the average American out there working for a living,  and/or to support a family, can understand.

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