Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sanders Fundraises Off Arizona Murders | The Weekly Standard

commentary by John Russell Turner

Sanders Fundraises Off Arizona Murders | The Weekly Standard

Liberals apparently think most Americans are stupid, and it is amazing just how stupid they think we are. For example, look at what they are saying about the recent Tucson Massacre. They want you to believe that no individual is solely responsible for his actions; instead, they want you to believe that others are responsible for his actions. To them, it's as if one's moral stature is dependent upon another's moral stature. In other words, the Arizona madman killed his victims because The Right made him do it. You know, I should confess, sometimes I wish I could get away with such drivel. I could blame society for my bad temper. I could blame liberals for my tendency to be rude. I used to abuse alcohol on a more or less regular basis. Perhaps I could blame my father for that. Anything, and anyone, but myself. How convenient.

The true believers on the Left really believe that they can create a perfect society-but the problem is, they have to get rid of the people who disagree with their version of a perfect society. Why? Because people are not perfect, because human beings are what they are, and there is no changing that outside of a gulag, concentration camp, or brainwashing. Yes, the Leftist true believers honestly believe that actions like those of the Arizona killer were caused by an imperfect society, a society where legitimate political discourse can cause death and destruction. And they believe they can move us on towards Utopia by enacting laws, by restricting liberty, and by demonizing those who tell the truth about their weird fantasies.

But leftists like Bernie Sanders think we are all stupid, even the Leftist true believers (although the latter are often referred to as "useful idiots"}. Bernie Sanders actually thinks that there are enough people out there stupid enough to believe his irrationalities, and give him money to fight the evil Republicans. What an utterly depraved man he must be.

A sad tragedy. A little girl was killed, her family is devastated now, as are the friends and families of the others who were killed or maimed. To see the sanctimonious bastards leap to point fingers at their political enemies is revolting, because it seems to me that such accusations are an attempt to provoke us into striking them, into having a brawl with them. They are the ones inciting violence. The only one responsible for these murders is the man who did the killing.

Can you see how these people truly are, how smug they are in their naked evil? There's not a lot of them, but unfortunately, a few have loud public voices, and influence in the universities and colleges.

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