Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thinking About God

MOST CREATIONISTS do not take the language in the Bible literally (you know, "and on the seventh day, God..."). I can only speak for myself, however. I think that time, as measured by human beings, is irrelevant here (see C.S. Lewis, "Mere Christianity"). A day for God is not necessarily the same amount of time as is a day for us.

Furthermore, time would be a meaningless thing for God-for if God were subject to time, he would have had a beginning at some point. If so, then who created God? I think God always was, that He had no beginning that we can yet comprehend (but perhaps one day will). And as for evolution, I see no problem with God having made that, as well. The Creator of life can surely see to it that species improve (or even decline) over time.

I see that we believers get criticized a lot for faulty thinking, but I have always maintained that a man or woman can arrive at the conclusion that God exists through reason, and certainly through logic. Like all religions, atheism is a matter of belief and faith. Atheists ask: "How do you know there's a God?" Well, how does an atheist know there isn't a God? Recent advances in molecular biology have more credibility and plausibility towards God's existence than the philosophical twisting and turnings of, say, famous atheist Christopher Hitchins, et al. Well, all of us will find out one day, won't we? And until then, keep looking, keep searching, keep questioning! And please don't ever become close-minded. I apply that to myself, as well.

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